South Africa's land ports of entry closed until 15 February

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South Africa's land ports of entry closed until 15 February

Monday, January 11, 2020

The latest speech made by President Ramaphosa can be found HERE

South Africa will remain in adjusted alert level three. It was mentioned during President Ramaphosa's speech that the 20 land ports of entry currently open, will be closed until 15 February 2021.These include Beitbridge, Lebombo, Maseru Bridge, Oshoek, Ficksburg and Kopfontein. Entry and departure through these ports of entry will be permitted for the following reasons only:

  • The transportation of fuel, cargo and goods,
  • Emergency medical attention for a life-threatening condition,
  • The return of South African nationals, permanent residents or persons with other valid visas,
  • Diplomats,
  • The departure of foreign nationals,
  • Daily commuters from neighbouring countries who attend school in South Africa.

The full list of exemptions as well as further updates to the regulations will be communicated during the course of this week.

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